By Staff, Tasnim An informed source revealed some details of a recent missile attack that the IRG launched against an ‘Israeli’ center belonging to the Mossad spy agency in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Erbil, saying the strike appears to have taken a heavy toll on Zionists. The informed source told Tasnim news agency that the Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG] has fired ten homegrown missiles with pinpoint accuracy in the attack on a strategic center of Zionists in Erbil in the wee hours of Sunday.

The IRG has used Fateh-class missiles in the operation, including the Fateh-110 missiles, the source added.

“The center hit by the missiles was a place where a remarkable number of Zionists gathered, and considering the number of people present in that base, the likelihood of the [Zionist] regime’s human toll is very high,” the source added.

According to the informed source, the missiles were fired from a region in northwestern Iran and all of them hit their targets.

“The main target of the IRG’s missiles in the attack was the base of Zionists, which is distant from the military base of Americans,” the source added.

The source also noted that after the Zionists took evil actions against Iran from the Iraqi soil recently, the IRG had plans to punish that regime on the same Iraqi territories.

The source went on to warn the ‘Israeli’ regime that if it continued its mischief, they will receive a response at the same level, or even extremely harsher, from where they would not expect

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Tuesday, 15 March 2022 07:01 (about 804 days ago)