TEHRAN, March 28 (MNA) – Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman has reacted to the ongoing political crisis in Tel Aviv, saying the crisis is consuming the Zionist regime like a wildfire.

Nasser Kan'ani made the remark in a Monday tweet after tens of thousands of Zionists poured into the streets across the Occupied territories for the third consecutive day this week in protest at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reforms.

Kan'ani added, “The attempt by the criminal prime minister of the Israeli regime to boost his own power and survive has once again revealed internal fault lines in the Zionist society by stoking the most unprecedented street protests and clashes.” “It is ridiculous that the United States and Europe, especially Britain, continue to support a fake entity, which is based on occupation and apartheid, and use democracy as justification” for their support, he concluded, PressTV reported.

Monday's protests came after Netanyahu fired the regime's minister for military affairs, Yoav Gallant, over his criticism of the controversial plan.

Netanyahu’s proposed reforms seek to rob the Israeli regime's Supreme Court of the power to overrule decisions made by the regime's new extremist cabinet and the Knesset.

Later on Monday, and under the mounting pressure from weeks-long protest, which at times got violent, Netanyahu finally accepted to delay his infamous judicial reforms plan.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Tuesday, 28 March 2023 09:11 (about 444 days ago)