Over the weekend, ‘Israel’ was ablaze with protests as angry demonstrators took to the streets in cities across the country, including Tel Aviv, demanding new elections and the return of captives held by Palestinian Resistance in Gaza.

The Times of Israel reported that 33 protesters were arrested in Tel Aviv as they vented their anger towards Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

Former intelligence chief Amos Malka commended the Nuseirat operation but criticized Netanyahu for neglecting the families of those who were killed while in captivity.

Despite the arrests, the protests raged on, with demonstrators rallying in support of a prisoner exchange deal.

Protest leader Nava Rozolyo praised Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi for the captive rescue but chastised War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz for canceling a planned press conference.

Families of the captives expressed fears that the military operation could jeopardize the safety of those still held, underscoring the urgent need for a prisoner exchange deal.

Hamas' military spokesperson confirmed that while some captives were rescued, others tragically lost their lives, warning of impending risks to those still in captivity.

Protesters in occupied al-Quds and outside Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem held up images of the slain captives, calling for an end to violence and urging for diplomatic solutions instead.

In northern Israel, thousands of protesters marched and blocked roadways, denouncing the government's handling of recent Hezbollah attacks.

At Amiad Junction, evacuated settlers joined the protests, demanding answers about when they could return to their homes.

The protests reflect a growing discontent and desire for change among Israeli settlers in response to recent events and government policies.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Sunday, 09 June 2024 09:07 (about 36 days ago)