A quartet memo of understanding signed on Monday between Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan for cooperation in agricultural field and the promotion of trade exchange in a way that would achieve agricultural integration between the four countries.

The memo which was signed at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus also includes enhancing cooperation in the agricultural field, and exchange of experiences, information, successful agricultural experiences.

and the management of nature reserves and gardens, according to SANA The memo includes cooperation in the field of fighting fires, climate change, rural development, agricultural extension, production, animal health and veterinary medicines.

“Through the memo, investment projects will be presented in the field of establishing facilities for livestock and fodder, and benefiting from the projects of Investment Law No.

18,” Syrian Agriculture Minister, Eng.

Mohammad Hassan Qatana said.

According to Lebanese Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Hajj Hassan“This memorandum is a foundational step for a joint pioneering Arab action emanating from Damascus, and we hope that it will include all Arab countries in the near future.” For his part, Iraqi Minister of Agriculture Abbas al-Alaywi said “The memo is a starting point for joint work and cooperation in the agricultural sector, on which most Arab peoples depend.

It also provides markets for selling the products of the four countries.” In turn, Jordanian Minister of Agriculture Khaled al-Hanifat said: “The memo is a translation of the sincere fraternal feelings between our countries and it helps us achieve integration in a way that serves the interest of our peoples.”

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Monday, 27 March 2023 16:43 (about 443 days ago)