Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has once again targeted the positions of terrorist groups operating near the country’s western borders in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

The IRGC’s Ground Force for the fifth day in a row smashed terrorist groups' bastions in northern Iraq on Wednesday morning with missile and drone attacks.

Earlier on Monday, the IRGC’s Ground Force launched artillery and drone attacks against terrorist bases and pounded the gatherings, training camps, and operations rooms of terrorist groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region with smart and precision-strike weapons.

Moreover, in a statement on Saturday, the IRGC said units belonging to the Hamzeh Sayed al-Shohada base launched the operation to 'destroy the positions of anti-Iran terrorist groups affiliated with global arrogance in northern Iraq who have in recent days trespassed on Iran's northwestern borders and attacked some border bases of our country.' The statement added that the operation would continue in order to 'ensure sustainable border security and punish criminal terrorists' and hold officials in northern Iraq accountable towards fulfilling their legal duties in accordance with international regulations.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Wednesday, 28 September 2022 10:21 (about 60 days ago)