TEHRAN, June 11 (MNA) – The West is trying to figure out what to do with Gaza without the participation of the Palestinians themselves, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a presser following the BRICS meeting of foreign ministers."Now, ignoring the Palestinians, they are already starting to think up what to do with Gaza next.

Either to establish some kind of Arab protectorate there, or to pull in some kind of peacekeeping forces, or to artificially declare that it will be a territory ruled by the Palestinian national administration.

These are all initiatives imposed by external players," the top diplomat said.

Lavrov noted that the Palestinians themselves "are still disunited, dependent on various external sponsors." He brought back to mind the inter-Palestinian meeting that took place in Moscow in late January and early February.

It was attended by all Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Fatah.

"The meeting ended, for the first time, with the adoption of a joint statement in which, also for the first time, all, including Hamas, expressed their willingness to unite the Palestinian ranks based on the Palestine Liberation Organization platform.

This was achieved for the first time ever," he stated.

"The purpose of our initiatives to restore Palestinian unity is explained by the fact that only a united Palestine can be a partner in negotiations that will aim to achieve the maximum necessary result.

As long as the Palestinians are disunited, this will hardly work out," Lavrov said, TASS reported.

He emphasized that the main idea is to "get together all external sponsors, all countries that in one way or another influence, finance and help the various Palestinian factions, and agree that there should be no disagreement among these external players and that they, as one, call on the Palestinians not to play on the existing nuances in the position of external players, to speak with one voice in the negotiations, including seeking their legitimate rights in the United Nations." Lavrov assured that Russia remains ready to do this work, although at the moment all efforts are invested into ending the tragedy.

"Once this happens, the most important component of our long-term policy on that front will be to support the movement to see a Palestinian state established in full compliance with UN resolutions," the top diplomat summed up.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Tuesday, 11 June 2024 18:19 (about 34 days ago)