TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – In a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping's special representative, Iran's acting president Mohamamd Mokhber stated that President Raeisi took important steps regarding the expansion of relations between Iran and China.The Deputy Prime Minister of China, in his meeting with the Acting Presidential Informer Mohammad Mokhbar, termed him as a person who played a fundamental role in ensuring the security and development of Iran.

Mohammad Mokhber stated that good conditions had been set for the two countries' cooperation, announcing that unilateralism in the world is over and global equations have found a new form which provided a good opportunity to expand bilateral relations.

Expressing his gratitude for the presence of the high-level delegation from Beijing on behalf of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the commemoration ceremony of the martyr Ebrahim Raeisi, Mokhber expressed his hope to host the Chinese delegation to follow up and conclude the agreements between the leaders of the two countries in upcoming months.

Zhang Guoqing for his part stated that late President Raeisi had taken important steps regarding the expansion of relations between Iran and China, adding that China is ready to fully implement the agreements reached by the leaders of the two countries.

He noted that the government and people of China are standing by their Iranian friends in a difficult situation.

The fields and paths of cooperation between the two countries have been clearly defined and planned, he said, adding that he tries to make the bilateral cooperation faster and deeper by continuous pursuit.

The Chinese official appreciated Mokhber's cooperation and follow-up to reach the agreement between the two countries, noting that several requests were made in previous meetings which were all fulfilled and led to improvement of the relations between the two countries.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Thursday, 23 May 2024 16:30 (about 22 days ago)