In a cruel act of terror, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have left behind a trail of devastation at Gaza's al-Shifa hospital, with reports of around 300 decomposing bodies found in the vicinity.

Mahmoud Basal, spokesperson for the Civil Defense in Gaza, revealed that the bodies showed signs of torture and execution, with some victims found handcuffed within the hospital grounds.

The IOF also set fire to wards within the hospital, destroying all medical equipment and supplies, leaving the facility in ruins.

The harrowing revelation comes after a two-week siege by the occupation forces, during which the hospital became a target for the brutal onslaught.

Following the withdrawal of the IOF, scores of martyrs' bodies were discovered in and around the hospital, as emergency committees warned civilians against inspecting the area due to fears of Israeli snipers and ambushes.

The Gaza Health Ministry confirmed the scale of destruction at al-Shifa hospital, with buildings completely burnt down and put out of service.

Al-Shifa Medical Complex, once a beacon of hope for the people of Gaza, now stands as a symbol of the atrocities committed by the IOF Videos and testimonies from survivors have revealed the brutal reality of the Israeli occupation forces, with images of children killed, doctors slain, and innocent civilians targeted in the violence.

The Gaza Government Media Office reported that hundreds of heavily armed soldiers and military equipment participated in the invasion of al-Shifa Hospital, which housed thousands of patients and displaced civilians.

The deliberate targeting of the health sector in Gaza City has further compounded the suffering of the Palestinian people.

As the world witnesses the aftermath of the IOF's brutal assault on al-Shifa Hospital, the international community is called upon to hold 'Israel' accountable for its crimes against humanity.

The people of Gaza continue to endure unimaginable pain and loss, as they mourn the victims of this senseless violence.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Monday, 01 April 2024 12:37 (about 23 days ago)