Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh signaled on Wednesday flexibility in talks for a potential ceasefire in Gaza, while maintaining full readiness for continued war.

In a televised speech in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Haniyeh asserted that when it came to negotiations, Hamas was demonstrating flexibility, though the resistance group maintained that they would continue fighting.

He addressed the possibility of an Israeli invasion of Rafah and expressed hope that international efforts would restrain Zionist ambitions of such move.

'The occupation and its partner, the United States, will not be able to achieve through political machinations what they did not achieve in combat.

The world, especially Arab states, must restrain the enemy and refuse to let them invade the city of Rafah.' He called on Palestinians in occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the West Bank to barricade themselves at the Al-Aqsa Mosque at the beginning of Ramadan.

The Hamas chief called for 'a broad and international movement to break the siege on al-Aqsa Mosque.' Haniyeh also called on the Axis of Resistance as well as Arab states, to step up their support for the Palestinians in Gaza.

β€œIt is the duty of the Arab and Islamic nations to take the initiative to break the starvation conspiracy in Gaza,” Haniyeh said, referring to deliberate Israeli policy to starve Palestinian people in Gaza.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 12:58 (about 56 days ago)