By Staff The national Palestinian Prisoners’ movement in the occupied Palestine emphasized that its battle against the occupier behind bars has never stopped, and will never, yet it has been escalating recently. The movement said in a statement issued by the Higher Emergency Committee that: “Nowadays, there is an unprecedented escalation and tension inside the [‘Israeli’] prisons.

This is our twelfth day of direct and continued confrontation as the occupation’s prisons administration has sought and is still seeking to impose its measures and get rid of the achievements scored by the detainees movement over decades.” Meanwhile, the ministry of endowment in the occupied West Bank and in Gaza called on the Friday prayers’ leaders to shed light on the detainees, their uprising, the patients among them, and their suffering.

It also urged participation in the rallies of rage that will move from all mosques across Palestine to support the detainees and stand in solidarity with them

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Thursday, 17 February 2022 11:57 (about 848 days ago)