By Staff, Agencies Thousands of Zionist settlers protested in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night against the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime’s rising cost of living. “The public is starting to cry out and take to the streets and this is only the start,” Guy Lerer, a Channel 13 host said as cited by the Times of ‘Israel.’ A stall was set up at the protest where boxes of basic food were sold for a low price.

There is mounting anger in the Zionist occupation entity over the rising costs of basic goods and services, including for gasoline, electricity and food.

The protesters are demanding that the government break up some of the monopolies that they say stifle competition and keep the prices high — CEOWORLD magazine in 2020 ranked the Zionist entity as the eighth most expensive place in the world to live in and The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2021 ranked Tel Aviv as the world's most expensive city

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Thursday, 17 February 2022 11:05 (about 848 days ago)