By Staff, Agencies ‘Israel’ is committing “apartheid” against Palestinians, and states including the United Kingdom must re-assess their relationship to it, Amnesty International said, becoming the latest rights group to accuse the Zionist regime of the crime against humanity. In an extensive document released on Tuesday, the London-based rights organization found that Palestinians are treated as an “inferior racial group and systematically deprived of their rights.” It said they were forced to live with “cruel policies of segregation, dispossession and exclusion which amounts to crimes against humanity.” The report cited massive seizures of Palestinian land and property, unlawful killings, the forcible transfer of Palestinian people from their land, drastic movement restrictions, and the denial of nationality and citizenship as components of “a system amounting to apartheid under international law.” The group concluded that the Zionist occupation authorities had to be held accountable, and called for a “major reassessment” of the UK’s foreign policy position towards the Tel Aviv regime.

“We found that ‘Israel’s’ cruel policies of segregation, dispossession and exclusion across all territories under its control clearly amount to apartheid.

The international community has an obligation to act,” Agnes Callamard, the group’s Secretary-General said.

Callamard used to be the United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial and summary executions.

“Apartheid has no place in our world, and states which choose to make allowances for ‘Israel’ will find themselves on the wrong side of history," she added.

“Governments who continue to supply ‘Israel’ with arms and shield it from accountability at the UN are supporting a system of apartheid, undermining the international legal order, and exacerbating the suffering of the Palestinian people.” The day before the report was published, the Zionist foreign ministry, apparently commenting on a leak, denounced it as “false” and “extremist” and said it “serves as a green light for the perpetrators and others to harm not only ‘Israel’, but Jews around the world.” It called on Amnesty to withdraw the report before it was made public

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Tuesday, 01 February 2022 10:50 (about 895 days ago)