Translated by Staff Instant demolishing adopted by the “Israeli” occupation authorities is threatening more than 100 Palestinian houses in occupied Al-Quds, in the aftermath of many decisions issued by “Israeli” courts, despite the Palestinians’ attempts to prevent the demolition of their houses. As the Al-Quds municipality refuses to create structural maps to organize construction in the occupied city, the so-called District Court Judge Rivka Friedman-Feldman, issued a decision saying that “in the absence of any real plans, there is no excuse for extending the demolition orders”, according to what Haaretz Newspaper reported.

This step was considered a refusal to an appeal submitted by 58 Palestinian families against the demolition of their houses in Salwan neighborhood alongside the old town.

According to Haaretz, there are 20 thousand houses in al-Quds that were constructed without building permits because the “Israeli” authorities in the city prohibited creating structural maps that allow issuing building permits.

In the last few weeks, negotiations between al-Quds municipality and tens of Palestinian families in al-Bustan neighborhood in Salwan – which the municipality intends to demolish, claiming that its buildings are unauthorized – were disrupted.  The municipality decided to demolish this neighborhood in order to build a settlement project in the form of “an archeological-touristic site” named “The King’s Garden” as a part of the “City of David National Park” run by Ir David Foundation [El’ad] that is working to Judaize the old city of al-Quds and its surrounding.

To prevent the arbitrary demolition, Palestinian residents entered into negotiations with the municipality and handed over a structural map created by the engineer Youssef Jabareen.

The map included demolishing the neighborhood and reconstructing 60% of its area, and the rest to be specialized for the settlement park, but the municipality has recently turned down the residents’ map and suggested transferring them into a small number of buildings to be built in only 5% of the neighborhood.

The residents objected to this suggestion and the negotiations stopped, which means that the orders of demolition might be executed soon

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Wednesday, 01 December 2021 05:32 (about 58 days ago)