By Staff, Agencies Palestinian Hamas resistance group engaged its air defenses in response to intense airstrikes launched by the Zionist occupation regime against several areas across the Gaza Strip, where the resistance movement is headquartered. The ‘Israeli’ aerial assaults began taking on diverse targets throughout the territory early Tuesday, Palestinian media outlets reported.

The southern city of Khan Yunis reportedly took the brunt of the aggression that was the second of its type to target the enclave this week.

The city also came under fire by ‘Israeli’ gunboats patrolling the waters off the coastal territory, reports added.

According to Yemeni al-Masirah television network, the ‘Israeli’ aircraft also hit an area lying between Khan Yunis and Gaza’s Rafah border crossing.

Agricultural farms located near the Hay al-Zeytoun area in eastern Gaza were also targeted by the Zionist assault that additionally struck a target near the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza.

In response, Palestinian media outlets said Hamas had started retaliating against the Zionist aggression by firing defensive “anti-aircraft weapons.” The movement announced that it had downed an ‘Israeli’ drone over Khan Yunis.

The Zionist regime claimed that the launch of light incendiary devices from the direction of Gaza towards the occupied territories as the so-called excuse for the far-and-wide escalation.

Earlier in the week, ‘Israeli’ aircraft launched similar heavy attacks against several targets throughout the Palestinian territory, citing reported affliction of injury on an ‘Israeli’ trooper on Gaza’s border with the occupied territories.

Tel Aviv’s indiscriminate raids come while Gaza’s resistance groups have warned it strongly against its tempting another full-scale defensive operation.

The last such operation, called Sword of al-Quds, saw the groups rain down around 4,000 rockets on the occupied territories.

The movements staged the defensive campaign in response to the Zionist regime’s last war on the territory that saw it bombing the enclave for 12 straight days during May

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Tuesday, 24 August 2021 06:25 (about 59 days ago)