Yemen-Press Western media reported that a new US arms shipment to Aden arrived in secret last week. CNN published a video that documented the arrival of heavy military vehicles at the port of Aden, including US Oshkosh armored vehicles.

The CNN said that the Trump administration continues to ship its weapons to Yemen, despite the 'bipartisan anger in Congress about the way the United States supports Riyadh in this bloody and bitter war.

The footage from the US-made weapons dumpsite was obtained and verified by CNN Sources told the network that the authorities of the coalition of aggression in Aden, arrested and interrogated anyone suspected of leaking the video to the media.

'The transfer of Western weapons to the hands of various factions loyal to the coalition of aggression in Yemen is strictly confidential,' CNN added.

An earlier investigation by CNN confirmed that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had transferred US-made weapons to al-Qaeda fighters, Salafi militias and other militant factions in Yemen.

The network concluded by saying that the recent Saudi delivery of US weapons to Aden proves that the US military services are still flowing to Yemen

Original Article Source: Yemen Press | Published on Friday, 08 November 2019 12:00 (about 200 days ago)