The manifestations of the Zionist defeat in the ongoing war on Gaza are numerous, including mainly Hezbollah's military escalation on Lebanon border and the Israeli major military losses in Gaza.

Senior News Editor at Al-Manar English Website, Mohammad Salami, elaborated Saturday on this issue in the context of the Second Front section of Palestine, the Scene program broadcast by Al-Manar TV Hezbollah has recently escalated its border battle against the Zionist enemy on the southern borders of Lebanon with occupied Palestine in support of Gaza facing a genocidal Israeli war.

Carrying out airstrikes, downing blimps, and firing missiles at targets in positions remote from Lebanon borders were among the numerous illustration of this escalation.

The Zionist media commented on the border developments by reflecting the shock in 'Israel' and voicing fear of Hezbollah power to the extent of saying that the Lebanese Resistance group has the upper hand in the border battle.

The US media outlets also concentrated on Hezbollah border escalation as the Associated Press published an article which highlights the Islamic Resistance new tactics and weapons.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy also released a report about Hezbollah border escalation and linked it to the developments of the Zionist war on Gaza, specifically the operation against Rafah.

The report considered that Hezbollah would keep escalating the battle against the Zionist enemy as long as the war on Gaza continues.

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, indicated that what is going on in Gaza is 'True Vitenamization', underscoring the Israelis' growing dissent in face of Netanyahu's failure.

The Israeli media also highlighted the major strife between the premier Benjamin Netanyahu and the defense minister Yoav Gallant over the horizon of the political situation in Gaza after the war.


Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Saturday, 18 May 2024 09:59 (about 27 days ago)