In solidarity with the people of occupied Palestine and the resistance in the Gaza Strip, and amidst Zionist aggression on several villages in South Lebanon, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon persistently targeted on Friday Israeli occupation sites near the Lebanese-Palestinian borders. Hezbollah military media released a series of statements outlining the conducted attacks and their outcomes: First Operation The first statement mentioned that at 3:35 PM, the Islamic Resistance fighters successfully targeted and destroyed spy equipment at the Bayyad Blida Israeli occupation site using appropriate weaponry.

Second Operation Islamic Resistance fighters targeted, at 05:20 PM on Friday, May 24, 2024, the Al-Malkiya site with two 'Burkan' missiles, achieving direct hits.

Third Operation The third statement revealed that the fighters of the Islamic Resistance heroically targeted a building used by IOF soldiers in the 'Margaliot' settlement with missile weapons.

Fourth Operation: Merkava Tank Destroyed On May 24, 2024, the X fighters launched an assault on a Merkava tank stationed in the Shtula forest, serving as a replacement for a tank destroyed the day before.

Employing guided missiles, the valiant fighters precisely targeted the tank while it was moving, resulting in its obliteration and inflicting casualties upon its crew. Then, the fighters swiftly targeted IOF soldiers moving around the disabled tank with artillery shells, hitting them directly.

Fifth Operation Hezbollah announced that, at 06:30 PM, the group's fighters successfully targeted the headquarters of the Border Company in the Dovev Barracks with 'Falaq' missiles, achieving precise hits.

Sixth Operation Hezbollah's fighters precisely targeted a building within the Al-Manara settlement, where a military intelligence force was stationed along with technical spy equipment.

Employing suitable weaponry, they precisely struck the target, resulting in the destruction of the espionage equipment housed within.

More Precise Hits The group's precise strikes persisted as its military media reported a direct hit on the Ramtha site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with missile weaponry at 07:30 PM In retaliation for the Israeli occupation's attack on the southern town of Hanouiyeh on Friday, May 24, 2024, Hezbollah's fighters targeted the headquarters of the missile and artillery battalion in the Yoav barracks.

The operation resulted in accurately striking the encampment of IOF officers and soldiers.

Aerial Attack Hezbollah's fighters launched an aerial attack with explosive-laden UAVs on the newly established headquarters of the 91st Division in Ayelet, precisely targeting the places where IOF officers and soldiers reside.

Martyrs All the Way to Al-Quds Meanwhile on Friday, Hezbollah mourned two of the groups valiant fighters: Martyr All the Way to Al-Quds Hasan Adel Al-Shaabi (Jawad Ali), born in 2000 from Teir Harfa border town.

Martyr Hasan Adel Al-Shaabi (Jawad Ali)
Martyr Hasan Adel Al-Shaabi (Jawad Ali) Martyr Hussein Nabil Al-Mawla (Shomran), born in 1996 from the Lebanese town of Harbta.

Martyr Hussein Nabil Al-Mawla (Shomran)
Martyr Hussein Nabil Al-Mawla (Shomran)

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Friday, 24 May 2024 19:34 (about 21 days ago)