Yemen-Press The United Arab Emirates on Saturday released an Indian businessman who disappeared in the city of Aden that is under the control of pro-Emirati forces, months ago but he was appeared in Abu Dhabi and was released there. The 59-year-old Indian businessman, Keralit Surish Kumar, arrived in the country after an official intervention from New Delhi, the Gulf News said.

The UAE Newspaper quoted the son of the Indian merchant as saying his father was in poor psychological and health condition, referring to his torture.

Kumar, the most prominent investor in Dubai, disappeared in July the moment he arrived in Aden.

Over the past five months, Kumar's fate remained unclear until the UAE announced his release along with the completion of the withdrawal of its troops from the city.

Kumar is one of a number of foreigners the UAE is trying to market to free them from al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups as an accomplishment, although signs indicate its involvement as a result of its factions taking control of these cities, not to mention agreements reported by Western extremist groups.

In addition, the huge amounts of money spent by States as ransom for their nationals.

Kumar's return to India instead of Dubai, where he has huge investments, indicates the UAE's involvement in hiding

Original Article Source: Yemen Press | Published on Monday, 02 December 2019 15:30 (about 251 days ago)