TEHRAN, November 19 (MNA) – After 40 days of the Zionist regime's crimes against the people of Gaza, the United Nations Security Council approved a temporary ceasefire resolution in the Gaza Strip which did not face the US veto.With the US abstaining, finally after 40 days of the Zionist regime's crimes against the people of Gaza, the United Nations Security Council approved a temporary ceasefire resolution in the Gaza Strip.

This resolution, which was approved by the proposal of Malta and with the positive votes of 12 countries, was one of the rare resolutions that did not face the US veto.

In this regard, the following points are noteworthy.


Although so far the Zionist regime has refused to implement this international document and accept the ceasefire, the abstention vote of America as the main partner of Israel's crimes shows that Washington does not intend to give this regime a blank check like in the past and without any reservation.

At the same time, the positive vote of France and the abstaining vote of England, both of which are accomplices of Israel, also indicate the alignment of these two countries with America in the type of interaction with Tel Aviv.

In fact, the inhumane and genocidal crimes of the Zionist regime, which reached its peak with the attack on Gaza hospitals, can no longer be defended even by ruthless regimes such as America, England, and France.


The approach of reducing the financial, military and prestige costs of America in support of Israel has started since Obama's presidency.

During his trip to the occupied territories in 2011, Obama publicly asked Israel to interact with its neighbors and avoid security damages.

Obama's speech made public the American strategy to turn Israel into an independent political unit in West Asia with minimal dependence on the United States.

This approach was also seriously followed during the Trump era, and America, while fully supporting Israel, By reducing its expenses in the Middle East, tried to reduce Israel's dependence on the United States by proposing the Abraham Pact and putting pressure on the Arabs to normalize relations with the occupying regime, strengthen its presence in East Asia and reduce its costly participation in West Asia.

By leaving Afghanistan and focusing on China and Russia, Joe Biden expressed his desire to reduce spending in West Asia.

These developments indicate that the common strategy of the two Republican and Democratic parties is to maintain the unipolar system by restraining China and Russia will not allow the strengthening of multilateralism.

To achieve this strategy, it is necessary that the costs of supporting Israel in West Asia are reduced and that this regime can reduce its security costs in compromise with its neighbors.


The leaders of Israel, who had gradually noticed the reduction of America's motivation for a costly presence in the Middle East and the White House's focus on containing Russia and China, sought measures to protect America in this region.

It needed a war because with the occurrence of a war, America could not reduce its support to ensure the security of the occupying regime.

With the presence of Netanyahu as an extreme and ruthless person in the post of Prime Minister of Israel, it was expected that this regime's pressure on the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, an all-out war will follow.

The cowardly attack on Jenin and the brutal killing of Palestinian refugees, intermittent and continuous attacks on the people of the West Bank and Gaza, the unprecedented desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the incitement of elements to desecrate the Koran in Denmark to incite Muslims and...

Netanyahu's preparatory actions for the attack on Gaza and the West Bank.

These actions caused the Palestinian Mujahideen to preemptively defend themselves as a deterrent and caused irreparable damage to Israel.


The war in Gaza caused Biden to go to Tel Aviv to show his support for the occupying regime and take over the management of the war in Israel's chaotic situation.

Israel's crimes in Gaza sidelined the issue of normalizing relations with the Arabs and disrupted the plan to establish two governments.

America also became the first accomplice of Israel's crimes by paying a heavy financial cost and bringing troops and warships to the Mediterranean.

It is interesting that Europe did not join America in paying the costs of the war, and it is implied that, just as America put the cost of the war in Ukraine on the shoulders of Europe, the Europeans also, considered it America's responsibility to pay for Israel's security.

Now the White House feels that it is the loser of the Gaza war, because, in addition to paying the heavy costs of the war, it has also suffered ugly prestige costs due to Israel's crimes.

On the other hand, the Gaza war disrupted America's strategy to deal with China and Russia and gave these two countries the opportunity to make the most of America's involvement in the Gaza war to achieve their goals.


Today, America, along with supporting Israel, looks at this regime as a nuisance.

Biden, despite his journalistic gestures in support of the Zionist regime, is not satisfied with Netanyahu but considers him the cause of the failures of America's strategic plans.

Maybe American theoreticians have told Biden that Palestine and Hamas will stay and the roots of Netanyahu will dry up and one should not bet on a losing horse.

The American abstention vote on the recent Security Council resolution clearly says that the United States can no longer support Israel unconditionally.

The brave and patient resistance of the people of Gaza and the international support for the cause of Palestinian freedom have left no other way but for the world to consent to the holding of a referendum in the occupied territories.

Refer to public votes in the occupied territories with the presence of Muslims, Christians and Jews to determine the future system.

Today, talking about the plan of two governments to solve the problem of West Asia no longer works; the experience of the process of the collapse of the apartheid regime in South Africa is before the world.

After years of resistance and offering hundreds of martyrs, the blacks of this country finally convinced the supporters of the racist regime to hold a referendum and the apartheid regime came to an end.

This fate will definitely happen in the occupied territories of Palestine as well, and how much better that America and Europe, to defend their lost dignity and to preserve the remnants of liberal democracy, refer to public votes in the occupied territories, and prefer to defend a disturbing element called Israel.

Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Sunday, 19 November 2023 08:10 (about 240 days ago)