Lebanon celebrates this year the 24th anniversary of Liberation (may 25) amid an Israeli genocidal war on Gaza ongoing since October 7, 2023.

Liberation Day refers to the withdrawal of all the Zionist troops from most of the Lebanese territories in South Lebanon in 2000.

The Zionist occupation extended in the Lebanese territories to an average depth of 14 kilometers and an area of around 1100 square kilometers called the Security Zone.

A map shows the Israeli occupation zone wiped out by the Resistance in 2000.

On the 24th anniversary of Liberation, the situation has completely changed.

Between May 25, 2000, and October 7, 2023, the mounting military capabilities of the Islamic Resistance impose a balance of deterrence reinforced in 2006 war.

The Israeli enemy tried repeatedly to violate this balance; however, the immediate response of the Islamic Resistance prevented the Israeli occupation forces from altering the rules of engagement.

Since October 8, 2023, Hezbollah has engaged in a border battle with the Israeli occupation army for two main reasons supporting the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist genocidal war on Gaza and preventing the enemy from carrying out any adventure against Lebanon.

The border battle included smashing the espionage capabilities of the enemy, hitting the Israeli outposts and firing missiles at the Zionist settlements in response to any Zionist aggression on the civilians in South Lebanon.

Around 8 months of Hezbollah strikes on the North of occupied Palestine obliged more than 100 thousand Israeli settlers to evacuate the targeted settlements.

Gradually, the targeted area started to form a security zone, abandoned by the settlers and inhabited mostly by the Israeli occupation soldiers.

The Zionist settlers voiced outrage and dissatisfaction with the government and army failure to protect and return them to their houses and businesses.

Haaretz published a report which considers that life in northern 'Israel' is at a standstill and goes on in South Lebanon.

The Zionist paper also posted a map which shows the security zone imposed by Hezbollah missiles on the north of the Israeli occupation entity.

A map posted by Haaretz and edited by Al-Manar TV to show how Hezbollah missiles created a buffer zone in northern 'Israel' The Israeli affairs expert at Al-Manar TV Hasan Hejazi said that the depth of the security zone impose by Hezbollah missiles ranges between 15 and 35 kilometers, turning the Galilee settlements in to 'phantom cities'

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Friday, 24 May 2024 10:19 (about 52 days ago)