In an interview with Al-Manar TV this evening, Dr Hassan Haider, an expert on Iranian affairs, revealed details about the events leading up to the late President Sayyed Raisi's helicopter crash.

Dr Haidar stated that the first helicopter carried several Iranian ministers, the second transported the President and his delegation, and the third included more ministers and delegates.

Expert on Iranian Affairs, Dr Hassan Haidar
Expert on Iranian Affairs, Dr Hassan Haidar Presidential Helicopter Lost, Search Initiated After the Dam of Qiz Qalasi inauguration ceremony, the Iranian delegation departed in three helicopters amid clear weather conditions.

As the helicopters reached the copper mines in the Arsparan forest area, they noticed an unusual cloud formation beneath their flight level.

The squadron leader, Pilot Col.

Sayyed Taher Mostafavi, then directed the pilots to rise above the clouds.

Unfortunately, while two of the helicopters successfully ascended above the clouds, the presidential one failed.

Thereupon, the pilot of the first helicopter turned back in an attempt to locate the presidential helicopter among the clouds that shrouded the entire area.

Only about a minute and a half elapsed between the commander's order to ascend and the start of the search process.

After circling two or three times, the helicopters took about thirty seconds to land near the mine and began attempts to establish contact with the third helicopter.

Contact Attempts Failed Despite attempts, the crew couldn't establish contact with the occupants of the presidential plane due to weak signals; unanswered calls and switched-off phones compounded the issue.

The pilots succeeded in reaching Martyr Col.

Mostafavi's phone, to which Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Al-Hashem responded, confirming his presence.

Subsequently, the president's team, situated nearby, contacted Sayyed Al-Hashem, inquiring about his condition.

He reported feeling profoundly fatigued, injured, and in a dire state.  Questioned further about his surroundings, Sayyed Al-Hashem stated he was amidst trees with no visual cues.

He seemed unable to discern any nearby individuals or structures, nor did he detect any signs of injury. Communication continued via phone for an hour or two as the Ministry of Communications worked to locate the helicopter.

However, the scarcity of communication infrastructure in the forested area posed a challenge.

Eventually, the ministry identified the approximate source of the call within a 2-kilometer radius.

Rescue efforts began, with teams ascending towards the mountains.

First, dense fog impeded precise location determination.

However, as visibility improved and search operations intensified, the crews successfully pinpointed the location of the presidential helicopter.

Dr Haidar finally underscored that the circumstances surrounding the plane's descent, its presence at the crash site, and the tail's separation suggest a collision or descent.  'Inquiry into the cause, whether technical malfunction or other factors, remains ongoing, with the Iranian Chief of Staff affirming ongoing investigations,' he concluded.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Wednesday, 22 May 2024 10:28 (about 54 days ago)