TEHRAN, June 29 (MNA) – A human rights activist believes that what the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei mentioned in his letter to the West’s youth is becoming ‘clearer’ by the day.In an interview with Mehr News Agency, head of Canadian Defenders for Human Rights Firas Al Najim noted that Leader’s letter is “actually related to today’s movements and changes” and that its concepts are “getting clear and clearer”. Here is the full text of the interview: Where do you think these protests across the US will eventually lead to? Do you see any hope for a change of behavior towards African Americans? The protest will continue and justice will not be served.

They (US government) will try to silence the protestors in different ways and defame them as much they can.

They know that they are guilty of this crime and they know that it’s a systematic issue.

Racism, discrimination, and corruption of police have been part of the systematic nature of the American regime since the day it was established.

I think this is the beginning of the ending of the US empire. Why do you think the United States has failed to abolish the culture that has grown out of long years of slavery? The US didn’t abolish this culture because this is part of the establishment of the US regime.

These people that came and established the US regime were a bunch of war criminals.

They came with the plan and intention to humiliate humanity and control it and suck as much as resources and desires that they can, and one of those was to enslave people and have people working for them as if they are doing them a favor, however, they lost a major part of slavery because of revolutionary figures such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. The rise of education and popular movements led to some type of change and this change was imposed on government.

At the end of the day, the will of the people will always determine the future as we see with Imam Khomeini’s Revolution that was successful since he had a very strong determination and principles and gathered a lot of people to support him and Shah, will all the support that had built in the establishment for many years and with the backing from a lot of world allies that were benefiting from Shah’s system, was toppled because any popular movement of united people with great leadership will gain success. What do you believe the world can do to help African-Americans and eliminate the structural racism in the US? The world can unite to voice support for this fight against racism and discrimination.

People from all walks of life, from doctors to engineers and mothers to children should speak out about this issue of racism and how it is impacting all of humanity and all of the principles that we stand for in our society. It is very important to show solidarity and stand with them to fight his corruption and to show that it not an exclusive battle but a global one.

It is also important to offer resources by means of funds or other measures to support this anti-racism fight. European countries have kept silent on recent developments in the US despite the fact they are among the first to express worry for human rights issues in other regions, such as West Asia.

What is your take on this? It's unfortunate that European countries that are always first to stand and condemn others, in Asia or Middles East and Africa, have kept silent. Usually, it is what the US instructs and what the US’ criteria is because do not forget that these countries are mostly puppets of the US The US is leading the foreign policy of the world.

They follow the US, so whatever the US instructs or whatever the US narrative is, the European countries will stand behind it. It is obviously biased because we are seeing how the US administration is treating the Black Lives Matter movement and Trump even called for the military to get involved.

This is while the US regime has supported protests in other countries for creating insecurity and destabilization, and backing terrorist groups in different countries in the name of democracy, reformation, human rights, or whatever. In the case of the US, they are all silent because don’t forget that the big boss is the US and they have to stay silent and watch. For example, when the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was asked about US protests, he stood silent for 10 seconds, he couldn’t even answer the question.

He was scared to respond because of the consequences that his government may suffer from the tyrant Trump regime, affecting the relations and the business, and so on.

So Canada is not ready to speak out against the human rights and the neighboring country that’s an ally but willing to condemn countries across the globe and this shows these countries are not working for human rights, equality, justice, and global peace and security. How do you see the effect of Ayatollah Khamenei’s letter, penned years ago, to West’s youth on current uprising? The ‘Letter for You’ is a beautiful project because Ayatollah Khamenei wanted to address all the youth as he didn’t specify any religion, ethnicity, or country.

So it was an open letter to all the people, especially the youth because they are the ones that have the most energy, they are all in universities and schools, and they are developing their theories at the time. So it was a very important message I think and it actually related to today’s movements and changes because Ayatollah Khamenei told them that they should not trust their governments, should look at the principles, and fight for commonalities and justice. The concepts in the letter are becoming clear and clearer. I believe God is exposing the aggressive nature of all these governments. Interview by Mohammad Ali Haqshenas

Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Monday, 29 June 2020 11:30 (about 777 days ago)