The Zionist circles followed up carefully the conference held in Lebanon under the slogan of liberating the nation from the so-called 'Iranian occupation' as the media outlets reflected the importance of the event with respect to 'Israel'.

The intersection of interests between the Israeli enemy and the anti-Hezbollah activists in Lebanon paves the way to a further cooperation between the two sides on the way of confronting the Resistance group.

The Zionist media outlets concentrated on the rhetoric of the conference attendees which antagonizes Hezbollah, which the Institute for National Security Studies proposed supporting those groups and encourage them to fight the Lebanese Resistance as an alternative for the military war against the group.

It is worth noting that the Zionist circles always bet on stirring sedition in Lebanon against the Resistance and urged the United States and France to avoid helping Lebanon recover economically without isolating and disarming Hezbollah.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Wednesday, 12 January 2022 18:13 (about 16 days ago)