Following widespread protests in the United States over the brutal murder of yet another young black man by US police, Khamenei.ir is publishing a selection of statements made by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the topic of racial discrimination and the violation of the rights of the people of color in the United States. Black people in the United States are not safe If you are colored – black or red-skinned - and if you are walking on the streets of New York, Chicago, Washington, California and other such cities, you cannot be sure that you will remain alive for a few more minutes!... American racism means this. [Nov 2, 2016]   Citizens are beaten to death for being black The world today is one of tyranny, lies and deception.

The flag of defending human rights is being carried by those who are the greatest enemies of human rights, and the government of the United States is at the head of them! Look at what is done to the black community in their own country.

This issue is not about the past.

It is not about 50 or 100 years ago, as some officials claim, stating that they have already made reforms.

This is one of today’s issues in the big cities of the United States. In a country that claims to support freedom and human rights, the problem of racial discrimination has not yet been solved.

In that society, people are still deprived of a sense of security only because of their dark skin! The police may beat them to death for the crime of having dark skin! This same government claims that they support human rights! [August 20, 1997]   The United States acquits the murderers of black people in courts They commit crimes inside their own country.

They place African Americans under pressure.

The US police murder African American women, men, children and youth without any reason, but the US courts exonerate them and let them go.

This is their judiciary branch! That is while they criticize and find faults with the judiciary branch of other countries including ours.

[Dec 27, 2017]   Being a Native American is a negative point in the process of applying for a job in an office The United States introduces certain principles as “American principles” and claims that these apply to the entire world.

The principles they introduce are human freedom, freedom of thought, human rights and the like.

Are these “American” principles? Are these the qualities of American society today? Was it not your government that massacred the natives of America and destroyed the natives? Was it not the same government and its influential agents who enslaved millions of Africans - abducting young girls and boys from their homes- treating them atrociously for years? Today, one of the most tragic pieces of art is a novel called Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stow.

The novel narrates the story of slavery in the United States; this work is still alive, after two hundred years, since first written.

These are the realities of the United States; this is the government of the United States; this is what distinguishes and characterizes the American establishment and showcases it to the world; not freedom, nor equality of humans! What equality? You do not consider white and black equal yet.

To this day, a person having Native blood is considered “inferior “when it comes to recruiting individuals for various occupations.

And you talk about equality of human beings and freedom of thought? [March 18, 2002]   To suppress black people, they bring in the army In addition to their crimes in various parts of the world, they are also committing human rights violations in the United States itself.

African Americans are still suffering from oppression, prejudice, discrimination and different pressures.

During the presidency of George Bush, Sr., African Americans staged a great riot in some states because of the oppression and injustice that they were suffering.

Since the police could not quell the riot, the army was called in.

[Mar 21, 2005]   The brutal treatment of colored people is one of the darkest points of American history Another characteristic of colonialism and arrogance is that it condones crimes against nations and the entire humanity and that it is indifferent towards such crimes.

This is one of the greatest disasters of arrogance in modern times.

Modern times means the era of scientific progress and the era of the emergence of dangerous weapons.

When these weapons became available to arrogant powers, they created a disaster for all nations.

They do not attach any value on the lives of individuals - those individuals who do not follow, obey and surrender to them. There are many examples in this regard.

One example is the behavior of arrogant powers towards Native Americans - those people whose financial and natural resources, whose geography and whose entire properties are in the hands of non-natives now.

Well, there were native people in America.

Their behavior towards these Native Americans was so violent and so disgusting that it is one of the darkest points in the history of modern America.

The Americans themselves have written many things about the massacres that took place and the pressures that they exerted.

The same thing was done by the English in Australia.

The English hunted people, for pleasure, like animals and like kangaroos.

They did not attach any value on the lives of human beings.

This is only one example.

There are hundreds of examples which have been recorded in their own history books. They like to forget these events, but it is not forgettable.

All these lives were destroyed, but it was not at all important to them.

For arrogance, the lives of human beings have no value and it is easy for arrogant regimes to commit crimes. Looting the vital resources of other nations is easy for them.

Capturing and enslaving Africans is one of the tragic events in history which American imperialism and other such regimes do not like to be reviewed.

They do not like the issue of enslaving the people of Africa to be reflected on.

They used to sail ships from the Atlantic Ocean and anchor them on the coast of West African countries such as Gambia and other countries in this continent.

Then, they used to go and capture hundreds of thousands of men and women and old and young people with guns and other weapons which were not available to people at that time.

While these people were in difficult conditions, they were taken to America on such ships for slavery.

They captivated free people who were living in their houses and in their own cities.

In the present time, the black people who live in America are the descendents of those slaves.

For several centuries, the Americans exerted such an eccentric pressure and there are many books in this regard such as the book "Roots" written by Alexander Haley.

This book is a very valuable book for showing part of these crimes.

How can today's modern man forget such events? Despite all these crimes, the white people continue to discriminate against blacks in America.

[Nov 20, 2013]      

Original Article Source: The Official Site of Imam Khamenei (khamenei.ir) | Published on Monday, 08 June 2020 08:55 (about 1416 days ago)