Our beloved, late Imam [Khomeini] acted based on this verse from the Qur’an during his lifetime, "Say: I exhort you only to one thing, that rise up for Allah's sake..." [Qur’an, 34:46] Years ago, I saw his note in the book of memories of the late Mr Vaziri in Yazd.

The late Mr Vaziri took me to his house; he brought and opened the note “rising up for Allah’s sake” that he had placed in a box and concealed in a corner of his house.

He showed me the Imam's note, which had been written in the 1940s.

The focus of his writing was basically rising up for the cause of Allah. This profound man with his wise vision had written a note on rising up for the cause of Allah in accordance with what he saw to be appropriate, what could be done, what people should do, and what he felt was his responsibility to do at that time just after Reza Khan's suppression.

He had written a page or two.

This writing did not indicate an impulsive action, rather it showed that in his honorable mind and in all stages of his life "rising up for Allah's sake in twos and singly" had been a habit.

Thanks be to Allah, for all of us and the people of Iran, nothing has remained hidden about the life of our Imam.

Everyone saw that his actions, words, and silence were all for Allah’s cause, and everything he did was for the purpose of rising up for Allah’s cause.

It was due to this one thing that this great man - he was surely of a high rank like the prophets and the Imams - was able to make a miracle happen.

What has happened and the great global transformation that followed the Islamic Revolution is truly a miracle.

This miracle was made possible by Imam Khomeini (r.a.).

Imam was able to do this by relying on this sentence, "Say: I exhort you only to one thing, that rise up for Allah's sake..." [Qur’an; 34:46] Imam Khamenei, [January 29, 1990]

Original Article Source: The Official Site of Imam Khamenei (khamenei.ir) | Published on Monday, 01 June 2020 09:53 (about 1456 days ago)