TEHRAN, April 16 (MNA) – The action of the Jordanian government in opening their airspace for Zionists during Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel was a strategic mistake, senior Iranian lawmaker Shahriar Heidari says.In an interview with Mehr News Agency on Tuesday, the Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament National Security Commission spoke about the destructive role of the Jordanian during Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel who opened their airspace for the Zionists to confront Iranian drones and missiles.

"It is expected that the Muslim countries of the region would support the oppressed people of Palestine and Gaza," Heidari said, adding that although the Jordanian people fully support Palestine, the Jordanian government is acting differently.

"Jordan could at least remain silent or even support Iran's legitimate defense against the Zionist regime, but surprisingly and regrettably, it cooperated with the Zionist regime," he went on to say, considering the Jordanian move as influenced by the US and Israel.

He further stressed that although Jordan's action against Iran was not effective, the action itself was very important.

"Jordan made a strategic mistake by cooperating with the Zionist regime." Elsewhere in his remarks, Shahriari referred to the condemnation of Jordan's move by different nations, including the Jordanian people.

"Jordan did this to please the Zionist regime and the US; In fact, it can be said that the Jordanian government cooperated with the Zionist regime mostly to protect itself and not for the sake of its people," he continued.

Referring to Iran's efforts against the Israeli regime, the senior Iranian lawmaker called on all the Muslim countries to fulfill their duty to support Palestine.

"It is expected that the Islamic countries would stand with the Palestinian people because the Zionist regime has committed many crimes and murders in Gaza in recent months, and if Israel is arrogant and allows itself to continue its operations against Gaza, it is because not all the Islamic countries have stood against it." Islamic countries must stand against the Israeli regime in practice, he concluded.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Tuesday, 16 April 2024 12:00 (about 90 days ago)