Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah responded on Monday to the Saudi King Salman who had called on the Lebanese to stand against 'terrorist Hezbollah hegemony', stressing that it is the Saudi royalty which is terrorist.

Delivering a speech during Hezbollah ceremony held to mark the second anniversary of former head of IRGC’s Quds Force General Qassem Suleimani and deputy head of Iraq’s Hashd Shaabi paramilitary force Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Saudi is involved in dispatching terrorists to Iraq and Syria and taking hundreds of thousands of Lebanese workers as hostages.

On January 3, 2020, a US drone attack claimed the two martyrs Suleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis after targeting their convoy near Baghdad airport

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Monday, 03 January 2022 19:45 (about 24 days ago)