Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei on Thursday lashed out at the United States for distorting the facts, describing US officials as “untruthful and treacherous.” During a live address on the occasion of Al-Mabaath Al-Nabawi (the day when prophet Mohammad a.s.

was chosen to be messenger of Allah), Imam Khamenei said the US forces must leave Iraq and Syria without delay.

Talking about the occasion, the Leader said that prophets were chosen as messengers of God in order to administer justice and to promote true freedom.

His eminence stressed that the holy Quraan calls for developing capabilities in a bid to face enemies, highlighting the role of patience in the confronting enemies.

“Patience leads to enemies’ retreat.

It means to stay steady on the righteous path.” Imam Khamenei said that the Islamic Revolution has embodied and revived the principle of Al-Mabaath Al-Nabawi, likening plots against the Islamic Revolution to conspiracies against Prophet Mohammad (a.s.).

The Leader warned against the soft war, noting that “such kind of war is more dangerous that the military one since it aims at the people’s patience.” Imam Khamenei then slammed the US for distorting the facts and presenting developments in a way that is opposite to the truth, describing such behavior as “hypocrite”.

“America has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

However, it is the only government that has used nuclear bombs.

It even raises its voice to say that ‘it is against the development of nuclear arms.’ Washington claims to be against weapons of mass destruction, while it possesses the worst and the most dangerous such weapons.” The Leader pointed to Washington’s destructive role in the Middle East region, where it has been using the Takfiri ISIL (Daesh) terror group to advance its personal agenda.

“The US created Daesh and they (the Americans) themselves admitted to it-Then, they create a military base under the pretext of the existence of Daesh ….

They provide Daesh with modern media facilities and money and allow them to destroy and sell Syrian oil, then they say we are fighting Daesh,” Imam Khamenei said.

“They (the Americans) refer to Iran’s presence in the region with hatred and resentment.

While we do not have a military presence…Wherever we are present, we are there to defend legitimate governments at their own request.

But they (Americans) themselves attack a country without permission and establish a military base,” his eminence added.

The Leader also referred to the Saudi regime’s US-backed campaign of military aggression against Yemen.

“It has been six years that America’s Arab partner has been bombarding the oppressed Yemeni people in homes, hospitals and schools.

It has imposed an economic siege on (the people), blocking their access to food and medicine.

This has been going on for six years with America’s green light,” Imam Khamenei said.

His eminence praised the Yemeni people as talented who have succeeded in developing the required defense equipment to retaliate against the Saudi attacks.

“However, as soon as the Yemeni people began to respond, the United States, and even the United Nations, raised an outcry against Yemen’s campaign of self-defense.”

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Thursday, 11 March 2021 11:00 (about 58 days ago)