US military intelligence agencies have avoided meeting with the projected winner of the disputed 2020 US election Joe Biden's transition team, according to a report. 

reported on Saturday that a Trump loyalist in the Pentagon was blocking Biden's intelligence team from meeting with heads of Pentagon's intelligence agencies.

Pentagon blocked Biden's intelligence transition team from meeting with agencies
Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump continues to claim he won the 2020 presidential election that was marred by widespread cheating and fraud.

On Thursday, the incumbent president reiterated that he had gained more votes than was needed to secure his reelection.

Trump says has enough votes to overturn results in key swing states
Despite Trump's claim of winning and the reports that the Trump administration was blocking Biden's team to meet its intelligence counterparts, Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough told that the heads of US military intelligence departments were scheduled tentatively to meet Biden's team early next week.  “The visits are tentatively scheduled for early next week,” Gough said on Friday.

The office of the under secretary of Defense for intelligence & security and the Pentagon Agency transition director were finalizing coordination for Defense Department intelligence agencies, “including the need-to-know approval process for DOD intelligence agencies per the statute and White House/Biden-Harris Transition Team Memorandum of Understanding,” the Pentagon spokesperson told


The Trump administration had already given access to transition materials and national security briefings to Biden and his team following criticisms that the administration was hindering Biden's readiness to take office.

In the meantime, Trump declared that he will not change his mind regarding widespread cheating, fraud and vote-rigging in the US presidential election.

Trump says he will not change his mind on US election fraud
During his tenure as president, Trump has been fighting everybody and everything against him.

This include courts of law which did not take his side in the many disputed claims, individuals who unveiled his wrongdoings and criminal activities, and media outlets and agencies that disseminated the truth

Original Article Source: Press TV | Published on Saturday, 05 December 2020 16:20 (about 48 days ago)