By Staff, Agencies  The Pentagon sent B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers to Germany and Romania on Friday as a show of force during Russia’s continued campaign in Ukraine. The aircraft took off from RAF Fairford in Britain and flew to Germany, where they were used in close air support and integration mission training.

They were then flown to Romania to take part in a similar exercise.

General Jeff Harrigian, commander of US Air Forces in Europe, said such bomber exercises “give us a critical opportunity to integrate and train with our allies and partners, especially during this difficult time.” “Training together ensures the defensive power of NATO remains unmatched,” he added.

The move comes after NATO deployed 500 soldiers in its rapid-response force to Romania on Monday and Tuesday.

The military bloc said the step had been “triggered” by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Saturday, 05 March 2022 10:54 (about 863 days ago)