By Staff, Agencies Protesters took to the roof of a factory in Shenstone as part of an ongoing campaign against the manufacturing of military drones. The Palestine Action group said the UAV Engines site was targeted at 7.15am on Monday.

The activists sprayed red paint and damaged windows.

It is the latest action to target the Shenstone site which creates parts for Elbit Systems drones used by the ‘Israeli’ occupation military to target Palestinians.

A spokesperson said they would continue to disrupt the factory in the long term.

“Elbit should know by now that we mean what we say – we will keep occupying, disrupting and dismantling their sites until they leave Britain for good.” No matter how much security they hire, how much police priority they receive, our activists will find ways to shut them down, the group added.

“We’ve taken down one of their factories for good in Oldham and now we’re taking apart the rest.” The incident follows a previous one earlier this month which saw slogans painted on the walls of the Shenstone factory

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Monday, 24 January 2022 10:42 (about 903 days ago)