TEHRAN, June 14 (MNA) – Iran’s acting foreign minister said that the stability and security of the region depends on bilateral and multilateral cooperation, adding that developing economic cooperation is a requirement for stability in the region.Speaking in a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Masrour Barzani in Erbil on Friday, Bagheri Kani appreciated the KRG for expressing sympathy over the martyrdom of President Ebrahim Raeisi and his entourage.

Religious, cultural, and historical commonalities have created an unbreakable bond between the two countries, he said.

Enemies do not want to see our stability and peace in Iran, Iraq, and the region, but the vigilance of the leaders and high-ranking officials of Iran and Iraq, and especially the friends and brothers in the region, will not allow them to abuse the situation, he stated.

We stress strengthening bilateral, especially in the economic field, the acting foreign minister of Iran stressed.

He also appreciated the efforts made by the KRG about holding Arbaeen rituals.

The main issue of the Islamic world and the world today is the genocide and crimes of the Zionists in Gaza, he said, adding that Muslim countries are trying to end the Zionists' genocide and crimes in Gaza as soon as possible.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Friday, 14 June 2024 14:10 (about 31 days ago)