TEHRAN, March 18 (MNA) – In the session of Supreme Council of Hajj and Pilgrimage on Saturday, President Ebrahim Raieis urged all the relevant officials and entities to make their utmost affairs to serve pilgrims to Ka'ba and other holy sites.

Pointing to the importance and place the Hajj has and its spiritual, social and political functions and effects on the great Islamic nation, President Raeisi said, "All those relevant individuals and organizations related to holding the Hajj should fulfill their duties with synergy and cooperating their efforts in providing services to the pilgrims of the Ka'ba." Emphasizing making the preparations for better utilization of the spirituality and blessings of Hajj by the pilgrims, the president ordered different individuals and entities related to Hajj affairs to share the duties and having discipline in action and behavior in order to prepare the suitable conditions for providing safe and relaxing services to pilgrims.

In the meeting of the Supreme Council of Hajj, the issues and needs and actions related to next year's Hajj and other pilgrimages to the holy sites in Iraq and Syria were discussed.

Reducing the duration of the Hajj pilgrimage and also the cooperation between the economy ministry and the Central Bank in giving a loan of 60 million rials to the pilgrims of the holy places were among the approvals of the council in today's meeting.

In addition, an amount of $35 million at the price of 285,000 rials was considered for the doing the pilgrimages to the holy shrines in Iraq and Syria, and it was decided that every applicant for a pilgrimage to the Hajj and the holy sites in Iraq and Syria, like other travelers to foreign destinations, will be allocated an amount of $500.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Saturday, 18 March 2023 17:44 (about 255 days ago)