Caretaker Justice Minister, Marie-Claude Najm, called on the judiciary to hold an uprising that would alter its existing reality, and to conduct self-accountability that would lift injustice off judges.

'The judiciary reveals itself as being incapable of combating corruption, and fights in media battles, thus losing people's confidence,' she said, stressing that she 'refuses to be a false witness to what is happening.' Najm's positions came after the emergency meeting she held at her Ministry office today, attended by Supreme Judicial Council President, Judge Suhail Abboud; Public Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat; and Head of the Judicial Inspection Authority, Judge Barkan Saad, which was devoted to tackling the decision of lifting the hand of Judge Ghada Aoun as a Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, and the recent developments at the Mkataf Money Exchange Company.

Najm expressed her regret over 'the existing dispute within the judiciary body,' and how the people perceive that the judiciary is divided, with each judge following a certain political affiliation.

'I reject the current condition of the judiciary-which shows itself incapable of combatting corruption, and fights in a media battle, while the authority is incapable of forming a power, and does not stand aside nor refer to the people-It is inconceivable that there are judges with the Central Bank Governor and with the banks, and judges against them, for the judiciary cancels itself in this way.' Najm urged the Judicial Inspection Authority to intervene and have control over the whole dossier, so as to determine the corrupt judges and those to be held accountable, in addition to activating all its pending files.

The Caretaker Minister stressed the need for the judiciary to rise-up against the existing status quo, assuring that she did not leave out any chance to address letters to the Supreme Judicial Council, Judicial Inspection Authority and the Public Prosecutor, in order to reach an effective judiciary.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Saturday, 17 April 2021 17:22 (about 20 days ago)